Sweet golden pineapple

Fresh pineapple of the MD2 variety, coming from the coast of Ecuador, Santo Domingo and various locations in the Guayas basin, our pineapple is of the highest quality and complies with all processes for export.

Product subject to classification, cleaning, disinfection, packaging to obtain a guaranteed export product.


Product Type
100% Ecuadorian pineapple
All year long
  • Variety MD2 golden sweet
  • Caliber: 4-10 units per box
  • Pulp translucency: 1.0
  • Acidity: 0.76
  • Brix: 13 ° ±
  • The fruit is packed in corrugated cardboard boxes with corners and divisions to protect the fruit properly on delivery.
  • Tray boxes 11 kg net weight
  • 22xu Cardboard boxes 23 kg net weight
Containers & quantities

Tray boxes

11 kg net weight per tray
75 tray boxes per pallet
1500 tray boxes per container

Cardboard boxes 22xu

23 kg/ 50 lb net weight per box
54 boxes 22xu per pallet
1080 boxes per container
40” reefer container
Temperature CTN: 7°C