Sweet paprika powder

Our paprika powder has great acceptance in the international market, it is a high quality processed product and steam sterilized packaging in duly certified industrial plant. BRC, HACCP, Kosher certification.

Our product meets international standards of quality and food safety in all its processes.

Product Type

100% Sweet Paprika.


All year long


Paprika powder steam sterilized or no sterilized

85 -100 -120 -140 ASTA

  • Sweet paprika powder
  • Hot paprika
  • Smoked paprika
  • Bitter sweet paprika


The product can be packed in:

  • Double paper bags with 20, 22.7or 25 kg polypropylene bags inside.
  • According to customer request.

We offer packaged product with private label.

Containers & quantities

The product is shipped in containers suitable for dry food loading of 20′- 40′ Dry FCL

20′ 17,000- 20,000 kg 22,7 kg bags

40′ 25,000kg bags  x FCL/ aprox.

Floor loaded, without pallets.

If the load goes on pallets the quantities may vary.

Grinding System

The process factory is located in Murcia – Spain, has the traditional Alcantud stone system that grinds by friction being the most suitable for high quality paprika achieving a better texture, color and aroma.

We also have a modern grinding system, micronized mill.