Horse tail

Product made with 100% horsetail leaves, it is cultivated in the Peruvian Andean region and in the central jungle. Horsetail has a wide range of therapeutic actions because it is rich in mineral salts such as selenium and potassium and also contains various flavonoids and alkaloids. This makes it a great purifying and natural diuretic.

Product subject to classification, cleaning, disinfection, cutting, drying and packaging to obtain a guaranteed export product.



100% Horse tail leaves


All year long


  • Powdered leaves
  • Dried Cut leaves


  • Primary packaging: double layered polyethylene bags x 10 kg
  • Second pack: cardboard bags x 10 kg

According to customer’s requirement.

We offer private label packing.

Containers & quantities

The product is shipped in containers suitable for dry cargo of 20-40 feet.

20′ dry CTN: 6,000 kg

40′ dry CTN: 12,000 kg

Without pallets