Graviola leaves

Product made from 100% Graviola leaves, grown in Peruvian Andean region and jungle, a product with rich in various antioxidant compounds, including saponins, flavonoids, tannins, phenols and phytosterols. Product subjected to sorting, cleaning, disinfecting, cutting, dried and packing to get an export product warranted.



100% Graviola leaves


All year long.


  • Powdered leaves
  • Leaves cut tea (infusión)


  • Primary packaging: double layered polyethylene bags x 10 kg
  • Second pack: cardboard bags x 10 kg

According to customer’s requirement.

We offer private label packing.

Containers & quantities

The product is shipped in containers suitable for dry cargo of 20-40 feet.

20′ dry CTN: 6,000 kg

40′ dry CTN: 12,000 kg

Without pallets