Dried Mushrooms Boletus L.

Special product of the Peruvian Andean high zone, is a product selected and dried naturally with all the necessary controls to guarantee its quality.

A product required for direct sale in supermarkets and for industrial processing.

Our mushrooms are properly controlled in the quality parameters including pesticides, heavy metals.



100% dried mushrooms, variety Boletus L.


All year long


Mushrooms Premium or standard quality, with skin or without skin.

  • Mushrooms cut into strips
  • Mushrooms cut into squares
  • Ground mushrooms


  • 15kg Kraft paper bags
  • 10 kg boxes

Or according to customer’s requirement.


The product has its biggest harvest in the months of December to March.

Containers & quantities

The product is shipped in 20′ or 40′ dry cargo containers.

20′: 6,000 kg bags / 5,000 kg boxes.

40′: 12,000 kg bags/ 10,000 kg boxes.

Product according to international food safety regulations regarding pesticide control and packaging.