Baby Lima beans

Andean grain from southern Peru, characteristic for its white color, is in great demand in the international market, it is a high quality product processed and packaged in an HACCP-certified industrial plant, Kosher.

Our grains comply with international quality and food safety standards in all its processes.



Dried grains 100%


Throughout the year

Product according to international food safety regulations


Selected dried grains:

  • 240/260 grains per 100 gr, baby pallar

free of foreign matter.


The product can be packed in:

  • 25 – 50 kg / 50 – 100 lb. Polypropylene bags
  • 25 – 50 kg / 50 – 100 lbs Double kraft paper bags

Or according customer requirement.

We offer private label packing.

Containers & quantities

The product is shipped in containers suitable for dry food loading of 20′- 40′ Dry FCL

20′: 20,000- 23,000 Kg

40′: 25,000 Kg

Floor loaded, without pallets.

If the load goes on pallets the quantities may vary.