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Heirs food® is a commercial representation company with great expectations of growth, we represent companies that produce high quality food.

Our mission is to provide food from our region previously evaluated and classified allowing us to access large customers, creating confidence in the quality of our products and in the responsible intermediation of our company.

Heirs food® generates a close commercial relationship with each customer and supplier, which allows us to guarantee an efficient supply of products in line with the market demand.

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Heirs food® proposes to be a reliable nexus between clients and producers (farmers) to guarantee our products meet requirements of every client and a fair trading to our suppliers.

  • For customers to be a reliable link in the region to obtain quality products. We carry out all the necessary steps in order to guarantee the quality of your product and efficiency in the service. You can indicate the product of your interest that is not on our list and we will do a search and evaluation of the products that you require.
  • For producers and suppliers, Heirs food® will be an alternative pathway of growth, our commercial work will allow greater access to customers and a reliable and lasting relationship with them.

Our farmers and suppliers are clearly identified and engaged with our customer satisfaction policy.

Heirs food® policy is providing products strictly controlled in every process, certified, and product characteristics endorsed by quality …. Read more

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